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If a terminal equipment attaches with no data traffic, will SGW-CDR show some bytes in traffic Data Volumes field?

+2 votes

In the List of Traffic Data Volumes field of a SGW-CDR, will I find also signalling data or just user data?

Now the question is - if a terminal equipment attaches to an LTE network but does not send any data traffic to the network, will I have a SGW-CDR with some bytes in the List of Traffic Data Volumes field related to default bearer creation (GTP-C protocol)?

posted Oct 7, 2015 by anonymous

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what mme does once mme gets ULA(update location answer ) from HSS with respect to egtpc?
what all scenario are available ?

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This is regarding the scenario where GTP-U peer got restarted and again came to service. However,the other GTP-U entity could not detect the restart of peer GTP-U entiity as it keep receving Echo Response. I had read the Restart Counter/(Recovery IE), is used to detect such restarts. But, as per spec 29.281, Restart counter is no longer use and ignored. In such case how such quick GTP-U restarts are detected by peer GTP-U? Is it so that in this case no recovery action needed for User Plane ?

I do see that we have Private Extension IE but again that is vendor specific so that can not be used for interconnection with devices with other Vendors.

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eg: if apn is abc.ap1, length of apn IE of create session request should be 7 or 8.?
If it is 8, what will be data type ?
I got little confused after reading specs (3gpp 29.274 clause 8.6 & 23.003 cl. 9.1, RFC 1035 3.3), the APN IE is encoded as one or more labels.

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In Gn/Gp case when Bearer Command Mode is UE/Network. How it is decided that bearer binding will be done by PCEF or PCRF?

As both are possible in that case.

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