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Tomcat bad char issue with new cluster

+1 vote

I know Tomcat 5.5 is very old and this is outdated, but we are still using Tomcat 5.5 and we got an issue. Please help.

Problem description:

Recently my client has asked me to add two new clusters in the production, after adding the clusters we found that these two new clusters are not able to handle special characters.

When user copies some data (especially from MS-Word which contains double quote) and paste into the application we have found that double quote becomes junk character, but these problems only persist with newly created clusters not with old clusters.

While creating the new cluster I just copied the old cluster folder and all the clusters are identical except some changes in server.xml.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

posted Oct 5, 2015 by anonymous

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Similar Questions
+1 vote

I have a recurring issue, that tomcat caches my jsf webapp pages in a strange manner. Sometimes for multiple days/hours, one
or two explicit pages or the whole webapp is loading very slowly.

My setup is a locally used tomcat 8.0.28 for debugging in Eclipse and a local database. The behavior persists also after browser cache clearing and with different browsers.

Does anyone else have seen this behavior before? Do i miss a specific parameter?

+2 votes

Here is the scenario

We have a build process setup from Jenkins tool to build and auto ftp the war file to the Webapps € folder of Tomcat.

In Tomcat we have deployed the SailPoint IdentityIQ toll which is a 300mbwar file.

Often the IdentityIQ application will be running few Tasks which take longer duration (5-6 hours)

When the application is executing the long running taks, though the war file is placed/updated in web apps, tomcat is unable to stop the application due to task execution and we are unable to stop Tomcat as well

We are forced to kill Tomcat and re trigger the Jenkins build.

I am looking on few options to configure on the Tomcat server side to check for any Active sessions OR threads running related to the application and abort the Redeployment/Auto Deployment

Will it be possible?

+1 vote

For a simple web application, what is the expected delay when switching to new version of an application when using the parallel deployment process? I'm trying to do timings right now with a single Hello World JSP and sometimes there is a delay of up to 4 seconds when the new version of the application is deployed (running 5 users simultaneously using Jmeter with cookies turned off), but other times I don't see this behavior. Does anyone know if it is expected for there to be a slight hiccup in response times when the applications are deployed via parallel deployment? I understand that many applications will have initialization logic and that may cause a delay, but I'm wondering if I should expect tomcat to introduce a very small delay when switching from the old version to the new version and if so, how long should I expect that process to take.

0 votes

I am using Tomcat version 7.0.63.
I have registered the dbconnection pool with MBeanServer.
Is there a way to make those methods hot setting? What I mean by this is, for example if I change statement cache size in the jconsole, it should take effect immediately.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

+2 votes

I have a domain that points to a server. Now I have a subdomain that points to another server that has Apache running and Tomcat. I want this subdomain to point to a application deployed on the Tomcat instance through ajp.

I have configured the following in httpd.conf:

   ProxyRequests Off
   ProxyPreserveHost On  
   Order deny,allow Allow from all  
   ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:8009/ 
   ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8009/   

and in Tomcats server.xml:

But when I go to the url changes to and shows me a php website running in Apache and declared as following in httpd.conf:

 DocumentRoot /var/www/html/ 

I only get it to work when I change the port in the virtual host declaration to for example 8001. Then when I go to it shows my tomcat application (ROOT.war) as expected.

So my question is: what could be going wrong that it doesn't work with the default port 80? I can't find any configuration that is causing this, but I'm probably missing something or is my virtual host configuration wrong?

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