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Does every UE receive data intended for other UEs on PDCCH?

+2 votes
Does every UE receive data intended for other UEs on PDCCH?
posted Aug 11, 2013 by Anderson

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1 Answer

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Yes every UE in the cell read data of PDCCH to get data from PDSCH. one UE can read data intended for other UEs but it ignores because data is encoded with C-RNTI when encoded data decoded with its C-RNTI then it assumes that data is sent to itself only. Each UE is identified in the cell based on C-RNTI.

answer Aug 11, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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suppose UE is in DRX mode and went to sleep. If UE sends any data to ENB, Will the ENB receives this data or just ignore as it is in idle state?

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MAC notifies RLC of a transmission opportunity asking for data each TTI. So does RLC respond with multiple PDUs one for each UE (with different RLC SNs for each of the PDU). Or just sends down one PDU (with one RLC SN) having data of all the scheduled UEs?
This same question could be put this way too: Are the RLC SNs assigned independently for each UE or are they assigned by incrementing by 1 every TTI?