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Does facebook support webview login in Android?

+3 votes

It seems to be working weird, any pointer.

posted Sep 22, 2015 by anonymous

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I haven't tried but you can implement this code(Inside Link)to  accomplish your purpose.

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Hi, I want to open another applications like Facebook, google play etc., while user clicks links in the webview of my application. I have given link to the buttons. However app doesn't load by clicking that. Please help.

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Am new to Android. I am doing android app in that i was loading existing web pages into my App using Webview.I did successfully for loading the web pages using Webview.But i need to delete some part of web page content before loading into web view.

Please help me with some sample codes.


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I want to know about that the online status of user on facebook are same or different
Messenger shows user is active is user active on facebook or messenger or both are same

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