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If UE is not supporting any RAT for example ue not supporting EUTRA,how eNB will come to know about it?

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if ENB requests ue capability through UE capability enquiry message .In UE capability enquiry message enb includes eutra and utra.Now if UE is not supporting eutra how enb will know about this

posted Sep 8, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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A UE not supporting EUTRA would not have read the MIB, SIB1 etc and would not even have tried attaching itself to the network. If it's a GSM or UMTS UE, it would have tried to attach to the GERAN or the UTRA network rather than the EUTRA network.

An LTE UE announces its inter-RAT capability through the Access Capability message. See the UE-EUTRA-Capability in 36.331. It lists what all bands it supports in the Supported Band List. Did that answer the question ?

interRAT-Parameters SEQUENCE {
utraTDD128 IRAT-ParametersUTRA-TDD128 OPTIONAL,
utraTDD384 IRAT-ParametersUTRA-TDD384 OPTIONAL,
utraTDD768 IRAT-ParametersUTRA-TDD768 OPTIONAL,
geran IRAT-ParametersGERAN OPTIONAL,
cdma2000-HRPD IRAT-ParametersCDMA2000-HRPD OPTIONAL,
cdma2000-1xRTT IRAT-ParametersCDMA2000-1XRTT OPTIONAL

answer Sep 8, 2015 by Sudeep Gopal
Assume I attached to EUTRA network initially,now i am trying to know wheather UE supports utra or not through UE capability enquiry?In this case how UE responds to it and HOW eNB came to know that UE is not supporting utra
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