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Which bowler never bowled a no ball in his career?

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Which bowler never bowled a no ball in his career?
posted Mar 11, 2017 by Shubham Rajput

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1 Answer

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There is 5 bowlers of World who never bowled no ball
1. Kapil Dev

India's best alrounder Kapil Dev as a result of their better captaincy first World Cup in 1983 gave India. The name of Kapil Dev several records, but also an act that is impossible for many of the world's bowlers. Kapil his career not a single no-ball bowled and he is the only bowler to do so. Kapil played 131 Tests and 225 one-day matches.

2. Ian Botham
The great all-rounder Ian Botham of England are also in the list. His 16-year cricketing career, he also did not throw a single no-ball. Ian played 102 Tests and 116 one-day matches.

3. Imran Khan
Pakistani fast bowler Imran Khan is one of the world's best bowler. Imran Khan played 88 Tests and 175 one-day matches. During this time he did not have a no-ball bowled.

4. Dennis Lillee
Australian great bowler Dennis Lillee of the bowling attack is also very disciplined in his career. Dennis Bowling is not the record of a single no ball. He has played 70 Tests.

5. Lance Gibbs
West Indian Lance Gibbs has played 79 Tests and 3 ODIs. But no, he threw a no-ball.

answer May 13, 2017 by Durga Prasad