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All the words in Group A have something in common and words..........Which word in Group B actually belongs in Group A?

0 votes

All the words in Group A have something in common. The words in Group B share a different characteristic.
Which word in Group B actually belongs in Group A?


Black-Eyed Susan

posted Sep 15, 2015 by Divya Bharti

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1 Answer

0 votes

All the words in group A end with a vowel.

answer Sep 16, 2015 by Jcm

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Which word in group B can be added to group A? Why?

Group A : Comb, Mount, Strophe, Tonic
Group B : Acre, Floor, Giant, log, Redo, View

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Group A: diction, equate, renal, visor
Group B: concrete, greedy, mission, stupid, without, yodel

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In this teaser, you have to find the odd ones out in the groups of words. BUT WAIT! There's a catch. Each group of words has TWO words which do not belong. Can you find them both?


Lily - Jane - Tulip - Rose

Jane does not belong as it's the only one which is not a flower.

Tulip also does not belong because it's the only one which is not a girl's name.

You're on your own for the rest!

  1. Aqua - Hazel - Willow - Cherry

  2. Cat - Sword - Hamster - Dog

  3. Prince - Double - Queen - King

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Here's a puzzle to lighten up your brain cells.
There are 10 puzzles.
Each a combination of three words which
have something in common.
For example :
Pine tree, Compass, Phonograph
All have needles.

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  2. Mattress, Jump, Season of year
  3. Television, Cricket Field, Windows
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