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Examine each of the five sentences below. What is unusual about them?

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Examine each of the five sentences below. What is unusual about them? They all display a special property that shouldn't be too difficult to spot.
a. Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus
b. Stella won no wallets
c. Eva, can I stab live, evil bats in a cave?
d. I maim nine men in Miami
e. Marge lets Norah see Sharon's telegram

posted Aug 18, 2015 by Ritika

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1 Answer

+1 vote

They are palindromes

answer Aug 18, 2015 by Jcm

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Each of the sentences below use two words which are synonyms of each other, but here in these sentences, they are not used with the same meaning. Can you find the words ?

  1. You cannot ______ to imagine what a _____ you gave me.

  2. Service is my ______ name, you will always find me in the community _______.

  3. The cook used the largest ______ to make a stew for the full complement of the _____.

  4. They agreed to meet outside the _____ of justice for their _____.

  5. I know you will _____ me for this purchase, I cannot _____ you.

  6. The ______ of bids for the ______ of Eros was unparalleled.

+1 vote

Each of the two sentences below contain a word that can be anagrammed to answer or describe the respective sentence.

Ex: Craft that might tip in the ocean.
Ans: Canoe ( Anagram of ocean )

  1. Weapon that a cavalryman bears.
  2. It doesn't necessarily bring rain, but it could.
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There are two groups of three-letter words used in the sentences below. The first missing words of each sentence are anagrams of each other, and the second missing words are also anagrams of each other. Can you find them ?

  1. It is only ____ that we use a trap to catch a ____, instead of having a cat in the house!

  2. To staunch the bleeding from a wound suffered by an animal, people used to ____ some hot ____ onto the wound at one time.

  3. To ____ into the mysteries held within the human psyche and enjoy these mysteries to the fullest, is the objective of any ____.

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Hidden in each sentence is a word.
For example, in the sentence: When I grow up, I want to be a ranger. (Hidden animal). The hidden word is BEAR from "to BE A Ranger".
Now, try to identify the hidden colours in the sentences below:
1. I agree not to eat all the food.
2. Bob decided to jump in, knowing that this is his only choice.
3. The sunset makes Cairo seem magnificent.
4. Some states ship lumber and coal on canal barges.