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How will you pay if A contractor is doing work for 7 days at your home. You need to pay him $7000 in total....

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A contractor is doing work for 7 days at your home. You need to pay him $7000 in total. Every day you need to pay him $1000. To pay him you have a gold plate worth $7000. But you can only cut it twice, how will you achieve it?

posted Aug 3, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Best answer

You need to have an agreement with the contractor that he doesn't sell off the gold pieces you give him till the end of 7th day

Piece 1: $1000 (1st cut)
Piece 2: $2000 (2nd cut)
Remainder - P3: $4000

Day 1: P1
Day2: Take P1 back, Give P2
Day3: Give P1
Day4: Take P1+P2, Give P3
Day5: Give P1
Day6: Get P1 back Give P2
Day7: Give P1

Or you can sell the gold for $7,000 cash and then give him $1,000 each day.

answer Aug 3, 2015 by Dave Flack

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