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How Do You Pay For Your 7 Nights At The Hotel?

+2 votes

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You arrive at a hotel and have 3 sets of golden rings.
The first set of rings has 4 rings,
the second set has 2 rings and
the third only has one ring.
You cannot take these sets of rings apart,
You cannot exchange them for a different form of currency,
and the hotel clerk has no change.
You want to stay at the hotel for 7 nights,
and you have to pay one gold ring for each night that you stay.
You cannot pay in advance, or all at once at the end of your stay.
How do you pay for your 7 nights at the hotel?

posted Jan 11, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote

On the first night you give 1 ring.
On the second night you give the set of 2 rings and take back the 1 ring.
On the third night you give the 1 ring that you took back.
On the fourth, you take back the 1 ring and the set of 2 rings and give him the set of 4 rings in return.
On the fifth night, you give 1 ring back.
On the sixth night, you take back the 1 ring and give him the 2 rings.
And on the seventh night you give him the 1 ring back.

answer Jan 12, 2015 by Bhavish D A
+1 vote

You have to have an agreement with the hotel to not cash the rings until the end of your 7th day.

Day 1 = 1 ring
Day 2 = Give him 2 rings and take the first on back in change
Day 3 = Give him 1 ring to add to the two he has
Day 4 = Give him 4 rings and take back the previous 3 in change
Day 5 = Give him 1 ring to add to the 4 he has
Day 6 = He keeps the 4 ring set, you give him the 2 ring set and take back 1 as change
Day 7 = Give him the 1 ring you have left.

answer Aug 3, 2015 by Dave Flack

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