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Gretchen told her brother that she found three types of shells. He asked what they were, and she answered with rebuses.

+3 votes

Gretchen just returned from the beach, and told her brother Henry that she found three interesting types of shells. He asked what they were, and she answered with these rebuses:


  1. Nice Naughty Nice Naughty
  2. Naughty Nice Naughty Nice
    *3. Nice Nice Nice Nice

After thinking for a while, Henry says, "I get the first two types of shells, but didn't you say you found three?"

"Oops! I almost forgot!" replies Gretchen, as she hits her brother on the head.

"Now I know them all!" he laughs.

posted Jul 22, 2015 by Karan Joglekar

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1 Answer

+1 vote

The first type were scallops (SCALL-ups). The second was nautilus (Naughty-less). And the last was conch (conk!).

answer Aug 1, 2018 by Divya Bharti

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