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I am one simple word, but I mean different things One of my meanings ................ What word am I?

+2 votes

I am one simple word, but I mean different things
One of my meanings brings great forceful swings,
The other of me, may have curve, like the first...
But only one meaning can help quench a thirst.
One of my meanings will often bring cheers,
Either of them could hold a few beers.
What word am I?

posted Jan 5, 2015 by Anuradha Tabyal

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1 Answer

+1 vote

A pitcher...

answer Jan 5, 2018 by Saif Khanam

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0 votes

We share the same name,
but mean two different things
one goes up and down
and the other spins
while one can make you sick
the other you cannot touch
you have heard of me before
whether you know it or not
you know our name
just give it a thought
One is a messenger
the other is not
One gives you a reading
The other helps the Oracle

What are we?

0 votes

I have been the beginning of ideas for all time, yet I am just one simple small object, the things that you can use me for can be frustrating and also I can be pretty. I have some of the most valuable thing in the world on me, yet almost everyone owns me. With me you can make anything.
What am I?

+1 vote

I am a word of meanings three.

Three ways of spelling me there be.

The first is an odour, a smell if you will.

The second some money, but not in a bill.

The third is past tense, a method of passing things on or around.

Can you tell me now, what these words are, that have the same sound?

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