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A prize is hidden under one of five objects..........................Under which object is the prize?

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A prize is hidden under one of five objects.
enter image description here

Shilpa is privately told the shape and Colin is privately told the color. Shilpa and Colin are mathematicians who use perfect logical reasoning, and the initial setup is common knowledge to both of them.

The host asks, “Do either of you know where the prize is?” Both of them are silent.

The host then asks, “Do you know now?” Again both of them are silent.

The host asks again, “Do you know now?” At this point both Shilpa and Colin simultaneously say, “Yes!”

Under which object is the prize?

posted Sep 26 by Nikita Sehgal

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At a competition an object lies
For the best, a worthy prize

Standing upright, proud and tall
Only a few get it at all

A cup is its usual form
The winner gets it is the norm

What is it?

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Hidden in the following sentences are objects which you may find in a kitchen. Can you find them?

  1. John wanted to name his new dog either Wilf or Ken.

  2. "I'll always be here to help, you know", his kind uncle Albert said.

  3. Jenny put the soup and the bread on the table, ready for lunch.

  4. Even though Sarah shouted "Stop!", other people carried on running.

  5. After a long day at the office, James drove northwards towards his house.

  6. David's model boat was broken. Even though the stern was solid, the bow leaked and had to be repaired"

  7. The children laughed as the clown swung Alec upside down and round and round.

  8. Grandad saw David was having trouble with his history homework and said "Hey, Lad, let me help you".

  9. When dad brought a friend home with him, mum said to him "Fred, is he staying for dinner?"

  10. Steve loved watching the programme about Scotland. His favourite bit was watching lasses dance the Highland Fling.

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There is a word with five letters.
Its last three letters refer to a skill of creating objects.
Its middle three letters refer to one of the parts found at either side of your head.
Its first two letters signify a male.
The first four letters are the ability to use its middle three letters to detect sound.
Its whole is found in you.
What word is it ?

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I have a friend whose name is Jack. He is really lazy. His science homework is to bring in one pound of something. He said that he's too lazy to find something that weighs a pound and something to hold it. He asked me to get those two things for him. I have 3 options: a thick wooden box that is holding a pound of bricks, a one-pounder shoulder bag, and a stack of a pound of books wrapped in one layer of thin wrapping paper. I want to give Jack the heaviest of my three objects. Which one should I choose?

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I am a five letter word namely,
1 2 3 4 5...... which is under you,
If you put out 1, its above you,
If you put out 1 and 2, its around you.
What am I?