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I have a friend whose name is Jack. He is really lazy................... of my three objects. Which one should I choose?

0 votes

I have a friend whose name is Jack. He is really lazy. His science homework is to bring in one pound of something. He said that he's too lazy to find something that weighs a pound and something to hold it. He asked me to get those two things for him. I have 3 options: a thick wooden box that is holding a pound of bricks, a one-pounder shoulder bag, and a stack of a pound of books wrapped in one layer of thin wrapping paper. I want to give Jack the heaviest of my three objects. Which one should I choose?

posted Nov 6, 2015 by Parampreet Kaur

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1 Answer

0 votes

The box and bricks.
The wooden box has
a weight of 10+ ounces.
It's the heaviest choice
with 26+ ounces.

answer Nov 9, 2015 by anonymous

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