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Mohan got a profit of 40% in his investment of 7 lacs and loss...........Find the overall profit in overall investment.

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Mohan got a profit of 40% in his investment of 7 lacs and loss of 12% in his investment of 8 lacs Rupees.
Find the overall profit in overall investment.

posted Nov 30, 2020 by Balwinder

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Mohan sold a book at a loss of 40%.
If the selling price had been increased by Rs. 200, there would have been a gain of 10%.
What was the cost price of the book?

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A man invests some money in a business and get 10% returns in a year. Next year he invests total output in other business and gets 20% returns in next year. In third year when he invests output after two year then he gets 30% loss in that year.
What is the overall profit or loss in percentage he receive ?

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Rahul got 12 and 1/4 dozen t-shirts in 12% discount to printed price and he sold two third of these t-shirts in 19% of profit to printed price , then he sold other t-shirts in printed price.
If his overall profit is 3626 rupee then what is the printed price of the t-shirt ?

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Radha bought two fans for 1200 each.
She sold one at a loss of 5% and the other at a profit of 10%.
Find the selling price of each fan and also find out the total profit or loss.

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A tea seller prepares and sells 150 tea cups every day.
The total cost incurred on preparing 150 cups of tea without any profit or loss is Rs. 1275, he sells each cup of tea at Rs. 10.
One day while preparing tea, unfortunately, 5 cups of tea get spilled while boiling.
How much is his profit or loss percentage for that day?

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