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What is the overall profit or loss in percentage he receive ?

0 votes

A man invests some money in a business and get 10% returns in a year. Next year he invests total output in other business and gets 20% returns in next year. In third year when he invests output after two year then he gets 30% loss in that year.
What is the overall profit or loss in percentage he receive ?

posted Apr 23, 2015 by Karan Joglekar

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2 Answers

+3 votes

Let amount be 100
After 1 year it would become 110
Afer 2 year ,as 20% profit is there =110+22=132
After 3 year,as 30% loss is there=132-39.6=92.4
So finally he will get a loss =100-92.4=7.6%

answer Apr 24, 2015 by Jaspalsingh Parmar
+1 vote

Overall 7.6% loss

answer Apr 23, 2015 by Fostek

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