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I can be thin but not fat, In your body but never on your placemat.I'm always better when I'm fresh,but...............

0 votes

I can be thin but not fat,
In your body but never on your placemat.
I'm always better when I'm fresh,
but you'll never see me in the flesh.
What am I?

posted Jun 9, 2020 by Balwinder

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1 Answer

0 votes

It could be Air.

answer Jun 13, 2020 by Tejas Naik

Similar Puzzles
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It can be thin, But not fat;
You need it around, it promises not to Crowd you;
Some use a lot of it, especially if they like to chat.
What is it?

+3 votes

I'm called a man,
But I'll never have a wife.
I was given a body,
But not given life.
They made me a mouth,
But I wasn't given breath.
Water gives body,
And sun gives me death.
What am I?

+3 votes

I have many feathers to help me fly.
I have a body and head, but I'm not alive.
It is your strength which determines how far I go.
You can hold me in your hand, but I'm never thrown.

What am I?

+3 votes

I have four wings, but cannot fly,
I never laugh and never cry,
On the same spot I'm always found,
toiling away with little sound.
What am I?

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