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A shopper buys 100 items for $100.00. The items include at least one................How many of each did he buy?

0 votes

A shopper buys 100 items for $100.00.
The items include at least one (Toilet Paper),
one (Loaf of Bread), and one (Hand Sanitizer) but no other kind.
If a Toilet Paper costs $10.00,
a Loaf of Bread costs $3.00,
and a Hand Sanitizer costs $0.50,
How many of each did he buy?

posted Apr 22, 2020 by Pushpak Chauhan

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2 Answers

0 votes

Toilet Paper- 5, Loaf of Bread - 1, Hand Sanitizer- 94

Toilet Paper- p = $10
Loaf of Bread - b= $3
Hand Sanitizer- s=$0.5
p+b+s=100 --------> (1)
0.5s+3b+10p=100 --------> (2)
2*(2)-(1)=> s+6b+20p-(s+b+p)=100 => 5b+19p=100 => it has one positive integer solution: p=5, b=1 and as per (1), s=100-5-1=94
Toilet Paper- 5*$10=$50, Loaf of Bread - 1*$3= $3, Hand Sanitizer- 94*$0.5=$47

answer Apr 22, 2020 by Hanifa Mammadov
0 votes

$10 X 5=50
$3 X1= 3

answer Apr 22, 2020 by anonymous

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We have total $100 and we need to buy exactly 100 Birds. The Price list for Birds is as follow:

1) 1 Parrot = $5
2) 1 Crow. = $1
3) 20 Sparrows = $1


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  • You have to buy exact 100 Birds
  • You have to buy all three types of Birds. So you must have all three kind of birds when you finish buying.