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A child spends $100 on 100 toy animals. A cat cost $10.00, A fish costs........How many of each toy does the child buy ?

0 votes

A child spends $100 on 100 toy animals.
A cat cost $10.00,
A fish costs $3.00, and
A bird costs $0.50.
She buys atleast one of each,
and doesn't buy any other toys.

How many of each toy does the child buy ?

posted Mar 8, 2017 by Ujjwal Mehra

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1 Answer

0 votes

5 cats, 1 fish and 94 birds

answer Mar 12, 2017 by Jcm

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Amogh buys three items at the store for exactly Rs 100. The second item costs half as much as the first item, and the third item is half as much as the second.
How much did each one cost?

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We have total $100 and we need to buy exactly 100 Birds. The Price list for Birds is as follow:

1) 1 Parrot = $5
2) 1 Crow. = $1
3) 20 Sparrows = $1


  • You have to spend all $100
  • You have to buy exact 100 Birds
  • You have to buy all three types of Birds. So you must have all three kind of birds when you finish buying.


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A car owner buys petrol at Rs.7.50, Rs. 8 and Rs. 8.50 per litre for three successive years.
What approximately is the average cost per litre of petrol if he spends Rs. 4000 each year?

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