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The local McDonald's restaurant is giving away Christmas dinners............................What will a Happy Meal cost?

0 votes

The local McDonald's restaurant is giving away Christmas dinners.
To help stimulate business, they are offering:
Big Mac = 32 rs
French Fries = 57 rs
Quarter Pounder = 74 rs
What will a Happy Meal cost?

posted Dec 20, 2019 by Nimish

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Is the answer 50.50 rs? If yes, 74 rs should be replaced with 78 rs

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McDonald announces special price in the USA on the occasion of Halloween for kids.

Vanilla Cone costs 60 cents
Cheeseburger costs 65 cents
Filet-O-Fish costs 54 cents

How much does Happy Meal Cost ?

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A panda walks into a local restaurant. He eats some pickled bamboo, shoots the manager, then walks out the door. The police arrive and question the panda. "Did you shoot the manager?" they ask. "Look at the dictionary," the panda replies. What does the dictionary say?

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I go to McDonalds, order food, food cost less than $20, I hand them $20, I got my food, drink, dessert and receipt. What did I forget?

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At a Christmas Eve charity fundraiser, the price of 4 mince pies and 2 sausage rolls is $ 7.38, while the price o 3 mince pies and 7 sausage rools is $ 10.43.
How much do 3 sausage rolls cost?

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A clothes shop was running a promotion giving away free jeans. In order to get the free jeans you had to try a pair on, then, while still wearing the jeans you had to put your right hand in the left pocket and your left hand in the right pocket and reach right to the bottom of the pockets at the same time. Many people tried but were unable to achieve the feat until one chap walked in and walked out a few minutes later with his free jeans.

How did he do it?

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