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Decipher the clues to find a nine letter word which could describe someone evil.

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Write a table that contains a row of letters and a row of numbers where you can clearly tell that A=1, B=2, C=3 etc until Z=26. Using it, decipher the clues to find a nine letter word which could describe someone evil.

 - The 2nd and 7th letters are the same and divisible by 5.
 - The 6th letter is an even number which is LESS than 13.
 - The 5th is the 1st and 6th letter's value added together.
 - The 8th letter is a prime number between 15 and 25.
 - The 3rd letter is a vowel, whose value is less than 10.
 - The 1st letter has a value 10 less than the 4th.
 - The last letter's value is equal to double the 8th and then subtract 19.
posted Sep 25, 2014 by Kuldeep Apte

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1 Answer

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answer Sep 25, 2014 by Kunal Shah

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Each of the words below contains the letter combination "age".
Use the clues to find each word.
1. A narrow path
2. Trash
3. Suitcase
4. Anger
5. Where the birds are kept
6. Liquid refreshment
7. A small town
8. A small trip
9. Old
10. Send communication electronically
11. A piece of material to protect the wound
12. Chewy doughnut shaped roll
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15. Payment made for a job
16. Where actors perform
17. A green leafy vegetable
18. The formal union of two people
19. Natural or artificial way of removing surface water
20. To cheer someone

+1 vote

In Numberrangements, you are given an arrangement of letters. The letters represent all of the whole numbers from 1 to the total number of letters used. Each letter represents a different number. Using the clues given, find which number each letter represents.


  1. The sum of the top row is greater than the sum of the middle row, which is greater than the sum of the bottom row.
  2. E is a prime factor of G.
  3. F is greater than A.
  4. The sum of B and G is equal to H.
  5. I is not 1.
+1 vote

Created I was, in 1841,
By someone with the name of an evil one,
He was a Belgian, living in Paris,
This man had to be very zealous.

Fourteen of me, this young man made,
Some above A, but not quite B,
With some higher than D, but lower than E,
And some that are C, and three halves above D,
That's why my popularity's so easy to see.

Golden with lacquer, I usually am,
I sometimes am used to honor Uncle Sam,

Patented I was in 1846,
I'm the one who gives some their kicks,
I'm shaped like a J - with a hook on the end,
So, can you tell what I am?

+1 vote

Find words to fit the clues, all the words end in the same three letter word. What are the words?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ A big cat

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pillow filling

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ A make-up item

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