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Help Joyce decipher the green-eyed girl's name! What did it say?

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Joyce is going for a restaurant to eat food with his friend. He then found a letter that is from his ally, the Green-Eyed Girl. It read:

Dear Joyce,
I am so happy that you are going with me.
I had written a message that is encrypted to tell my name.
It said:
% ! £ % ! * ! ! @ $
Good luck!
The Green-Eyed Girl

Help Joyce decipher the green-eyed girl's name!

posted Jul 6, 2019 by Afsana Akhter

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Hint: Keyboard

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Maya Calzone had driven from work and was now parked in the driveway. She noticed a piece of paper taped on to her door. She went out of her car and grabbed the note. It read:
"Thanks, Maya, for that save in the park a few days ago! I know you like codes, so I made one up for you! Here, can you decipher it? -Pedro"
This is the code Pedro put in his letter.
1st Word: U
2nd Word: No money or possessions.
3rd Word: I say it when I own something.
4th Word: Autumn
Help Maya decipher this code! What did Pedro's code say?

+1 vote

Herman Houston is a cryptographer. He has a mission to send a message to his wife, Kelly. He has written this message in his letter.

whale skate label civic ocean
swarm enter about other bloom
yodel onion exist throw haven
banjo mouse shake

Once Herman sent the message, Kelly didn't know this message.

Can you help her decode the message from Herman?

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Below are some girls and boys first names which are in code. Each digit always stands for the same letter. Try and work out the names:

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