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decipher the hidden message - "Mysterious naked men isolated, Reflects naturally tonight"

+1 vote
decipher the hidden message - "Mysterious naked men isolated, Reflects naturally tonight"
posted Jan 19, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

The moon reflecting on the water will show the naked men on the island

answer Aug 7, 2019 by Comeback Tuesday

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Herman Houston is a cryptographer. He has a mission to send a message to his wife, Kelly. He has written this message in his letter.

whale skate label civic ocean
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Once Herman sent the message, Kelly didn't know this message.

Can you help her decode the message from Herman?

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Joyce is going for a restaurant to eat food with his friend. He then found a letter that is from his ally, the Green-Eyed Girl. It read:

Dear Joyce,
I am so happy that you are going with me.
I had written a message that is encrypted to tell my name.
It said:
% ! £ % ! * ! ! @ $
Good luck!
The Green-Eyed Girl

Help Joyce decipher the green-eyed girl's name!

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What message is hidden in the following list of words?

crisis, giving, hijinks, iris, kiwi, love, mimic, picnic, rigid spirit, vigil

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In a certain code, VERACIOUS is written as 372186495. Based on this code, find the code for the other words:

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