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How many of the socks did I need to take to match one pair ?

+1 vote

It was around 4 in the morning,
and I'm all dressed up,
ready for school,
when the electricity was cut off.
Too bad, I haven't put on my socks yet.

I have 2343 pairs of gray socks,
3212 pairs of pink socks and
6525 pairs of blue socks.
Everything is mixed in my drawer.(I'm a bit of irresponsible, sorry about that.)
As there was not light,
I was not able to identify the color of the socks.
How many of the socks did I need to take to match one pair ?

posted 5 days ago by Madhavi Latha

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1 Answer

0 votes

4 socks

There are only three colors, if you take 3 different ones first, the next one will match one pair.

answer 5 days ago by Hanifa Mammadov

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Atul have 100 pairs of pink socks, 88 pairs of red socks and 77 pairs of orange socks. Everything is mixed in a draw. As there is no light he were not able to identify the color of the socks.

How many of the socks did he want to take to match one pair of socks?

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A man has 53 socks in his drawer. They are 21 identical blue, 15 identical black and 17 identical red. The light went off and he is in complete darkness. How many socks must he take out to be 100% certain that he has a pair of black socks?

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It’s midnight and there is power failure. You have twenty two green socks and thirty five purple socks in your dresser drawer. How many socks do you have to take out to be sure of having a pair that matches.

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Rohan's Sock Drawer boasts 18 Black Socks,10 Yellow, 8 Orange, 34 White and 2 Violet,not sorted by color.

The Light bulb has burned out.
Rohan cannot see what color the Socks are.

How many Socks does Rohan have to take to be sure he has at least two Socks of the same color ?

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If there are ten blue socks, ten red socks and ten brown socks in a drawer in a dark room how many socks must be removed to ensure they contain: (a) a matching pair? (b) a blue pair?

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