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Rohan went to buy 5 chocolates worth Rs. x. He gave Rs. 200 rupee note...........Then what is the price of 2 chocolates?

0 votes

Rohan went to buy 5 chocolates worth Rs. x.
He gave Rs. 200 rupee note to the shopkeeper to buy the chocolates then shopkeeper gave rest of the money in the denominations of 50 paise, 2 rupee and 10 rupees.
If the ratio of the number of coins is 18:13:9 respectively.
Then what is the price of 2 chocolates?

posted Apr 15 by Aman

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1 Answer

0 votes

Rs. 30

Given- Rs. 200
Exchange- 0.5x+2y+10z<200
Ratio- x/y/z=18/13/9
Cost of 2x chocolates=?

With minimum coefficient of 1, the amount will make 18*0.5+13*2+9*10=125 Rs., if doubled it will be greater than Rs. 200 so the exchange was Rs. 125.
5x chocolates cost Rs. 200- Rs. 125= Rs. 75, so 2x chocolates cost Rs. 2*75/5= Rs. 30

answer Apr 15 by Hanifa Mammadov

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