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What is the probability that her first pick was a black sock but her second pick was a blue socks?

+1 vote

A woman who goes to work long before sunrise every morning gets dressed in the dark.
In her sock drawer she has 9 black and 12 blue socks.
What is the probability that her first pick was a black sock but her second pick was a blue socks?

posted Mar 22 by Upma

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1 Answer

0 votes

Probability of first picking black socks = 9/21
Probability of picking blue socks next = 12/20
Required Probability = (9/21)*(12/20) = (3/7)*(3/5) = 9/35 => 25.71%.

answer Mar 22 by Tejas Naik

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Two balls are selected one by one without replacement.
What is the probability that first is yellow and second is blue?

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There is a dressing drawer which contains the following colored socks in pairs: Purple, Magenta, Crimson, White, Yellow and Turquoise. Now, the socks are paired and each pair is together in the matching set. There is no light in the room and you open the drawer and pick up a pair. Then, without noticing any color, you keep them back and pick up again.

Can you calculate the probability that the pair of socks was Yellow both the times?

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A bag contain 5 blue and 4 black balls. Three balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that 2 are blue and 1 is black.

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There are two schemes in airtel mobiles.
First scheme :1 paise per second,
Second scheme :50 paise per minute,

Following conditions are given -
1) In second scheme, second minute will be started at 0:60 or 1:00,
2) 0 sec. call means to call and cut it abruptly when timer reads 0:00, this is equivalent to a call of 1 sec.
3) In first scheme 0:14 means 15 sec.

What is the probability that first scheme is more profitable over second in a call ranging from 0:00 (1 sec.) to 3:20 (201 sec.)?

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