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What was the price of the gift he put back?

0 votes

To make up for the fact that he had forgotten Valentine's Day, Brijesh is shopping in an expensive department store.
At the checkout, the total cost of his purchase is Rs. 5424, giving an average price of Rs. 904 per gift.
As he has only Rs. 5000, he returns one item, increasing the average price to Rs. 965.
What was the price of the gift he put back?

posted Mar 7 by Varuna Magar

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1 Answer

0 votes

Rs, 599

Number of gifts initially --> Rs. 5424/904=6
Money spent --> 965*5=4825
Price of the returned gift --> Rs. 5424- Rs. 4845= Rs. 599

answer Mar 7 by Hanifa Mammadov

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During this year by what percentage should it be increased to bring it back to the original price of the last year?

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A business man invested 45% of the sum in dry fruit business, 35% of the sum in gift item business and 25% of the sum in fruit business. In a year he received a profit of 1 million rupee in dry fruit business and fruit business both. In gift item business he got a percentage profit equal to the sum of profit percentage in dry fruit and fruit business.

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Rohan went to buy 5 chocolates worth Rs. x.
He gave Rs. 200 rupee note to the shopkeeper to buy the chocolates then shopkeeper gave rest of the money in the denominations of 50 paise, 2 rupee and 10 rupees.
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I went to the furniture shop in order to buy a picture. The salesman told me,"The picture is five times the cost of that ashtray, the chair is 30 times the cost of the ashtray, the table 4 times the cost of the chair, you can buy the lot for Rs 31200.
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When I went to the store, I purchased four items. The following shows the cost of three of the items:

Rs 1.50
Rs 3.00
Rs 4.00

The line to the checkout was pretty long, so to quench my boredom I started playing with my pocket calculator while waiting.

I found out, to my surprise, that the four prices of the four items I purchased added to the same number as I got when I multiplied the four prices together.

What was the price of the fourth item?

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