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DJ Vani's CD cabinet is four-and-a-half times..........If its volume is 864,000 cc, what is the width of the CD cabinet?

0 votes

DJ Vani's CD cabinet is four-and-a-half times as long as it is wide, which is a third of its height.
If its volume is 864,000 cc, what is the width of the CD cabinet?

posted Feb 7 by Samardeep Acharya

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1 Answer

0 votes

40 cm

Width- x
Height- 3x
Lenght- 4.5x
Volume- 864000 cc
Volume = W*H*L=13.5*x^3=864000 cc => x=40 cm
Width - 40 cm

answer Feb 7 by Hanifa Mammadov
The algorithm is OK,
Answer is OK!
But 12.15 is not OK, it should be 13.5
good spot of typo, thanks, corrected

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