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From my clues figure out the words or phrases contain the word BRAIN -

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From my clues figure out the words or phrases contain the word BRAIN -
1. A stroke
2. An idea
3. Common reef component
4. State of having a flat eeg
5. Having a brain
6. Being very intelligent
7. Academics going off to other countries
8. Ice cream headache
9. A genius
10. Serotonin eg
11. The act of gathering information
12. Part of the brain including the medulla
13. A puzzle or poser
14. A group of strategy advisers
15. A sudden idea
16. Forcible indoctrination
17. A group problem solving technique
18. Cranium
19. Unintelligent
20. Mentally disordered.

posted Jan 17, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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  1. A stroke ( Brain attack )
  2. His idea ( Brainchild )
  3. Common reef component ( Brain coral )
  4. State of having a flat EEG ( Brain dead )
  5. Having a brain ( Brained )
  6. Being very intelligent ( Brainy )
  7. Academics going off to other countries ( Braindrain )
  8. Ice cream headache ( Brain freeze )
  9. A genius ( A Braniac )
  10. Serotonin eg ( Brain Hormone )
  11. The act of gathering information ( Brain picking )
  12. Part of the brain including the medulla ( Brainstem )
  13. A puzzle or poser ( Brain Teaser )
  14. A group of strategy advisers ( Brain Trust )
  15. A sudden idea ( Brainwave )
  16. Forcible indoctrination ( Brainwash )
  17. A group problem solving technique ( Brainstorming )
  18. Cranium ( Braincase )
  19. Unintelligent ( Brainless )
  20. Mentally disordered ( Brainsick )
answer Jan 18, 2019 by Pushpak Chauhan

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