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Use my clues to figure out words containing MM.

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Use my clues to figure out words containing MM
1. A punctuation mark
2. Regular trip to and from office
3. Resistant to infection
4. Huge, large
5. Drop sharply and suddenly
6. Hanging bed
7. Greek letter
8. To be expected, standard
9. State of uncertainty
10. A hand tool
11. Rounded knob at the tip of a sword
12. Pungent gas H &N
13. Hesitating ( speech disorder)
14. Unpleasantly cold and humid
15. Authoritative order
16. Weak and tremulous light
17. Not subject to death
18. A trick or device intended to attract attention.

posted Nov 6, 2019 by Samardeep Acharya

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1 Answer

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  1. Comma
  2. Commute
  3. Immune
  4. Immense
  5. Plummet
  6. Hammock
  7. Gamma
  8. Common
  9. Dilemma
  10. Hammer
  11. Pommel
  12. Ammonia
  13. Stammer
  14. Clammy
  15. Command
  16. Shimmer
  17. Immortality
  18. Gimmick
answer Nov 6, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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Use my clues to form 6 letter words.
Subsequent words are formed by changing just one letter. No jumbling.
Here are my clues.
1. Medal for 2nd place
2. One who finds the solution to my posts
3. Alloy used in electrical circuits
4. Something to file away
5. More affectionate
6. Have a feeling of curiosity
7. Move about without a destination
8. More pale
9. Ironically, one who forbids the use of flags
10. Prohibited or barred
11. Pounded as on door
12. Plugged with cork
13. A thick elasticized cord
14. Perform or work clumsily
15. Dense tropical vegetation
16. Sound of Santa's bells
17. Cause a prickly stinging sensation
18. Slight sharp metallic sound

+1 vote

Each of the words below contains the letter combination "age".
Use the clues to find each word.
1. A narrow path
2. Trash
3. Suitcase
4. Anger
5. Where the birds are kept
6. Liquid refreshment
7. A small town
8. A small trip
9. Old
10. Send communication electronically
11. A piece of material to protect the wound
12. Chewy doughnut shaped roll
13. Tiny house
14. Guarantee for a loan
15. Payment made for a job
16. Where actors perform
17. A green leafy vegetable
18. The formal union of two people
19. Natural or artificial way of removing surface water
20. To cheer someone

+1 vote

The following are clues that describe words containing an "ant". The clues do not refer to the words themselves, rather they refer to the word that must be added to the "ant". For example, "an ant that is waiting for something to happen" would be "expectant" (expect ant). The ant may appear at the beginning or the end of the word. Where it appears is given in the hint should you need it.

  1. This ant will rely on you.
  2. The end of an ant's trousers.
  3. The first ant.
  4. This will burn an ant severely.
  5. Two ants going to get married in secret.
  6. This ant rides up sloped driveways.
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In these word pyramids,the first letter is given to you (which is the first answer).
Use the clues to build the pyramid to find the answer.
In each consecutive answer, a letter is added to the previous answer.
However, the answer letters might not be in the same order.
Good luck!!
Starting letter: I
Clues :
1. 3. **********
2. To cut, tear apart
3. A support for two adjacent bridge spans
4. First in excellence, quality or value
5. ------ state building

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Complete the words to fit the clues. The second letters will give a five letter name reading downwards. What is the name?


_ _ _ _ OVEN COOK

_ _ _ _ JEALOUSY


_ _ _ _ YOUNG DEER