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The number of Faceache greetings Aaditya received is the same as his new age, How old is he today?

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Of the 94 birthday greetings that the highly-popular Aaditya has received on his four social networking sites, three-quarters as many were posted on his Faceache page as on Squeal, one-fifth as many were posted on Heho as on Squeal, and twice as many on Myplace as on Heho.
The number of Faceache greetings Aaditya received is the same as his new age, How old is he today?

posted Jan 10 by Rajni
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1 Answer

0 votes


Aaditya received 94 birthday greetings

Faceache - F = 3/4 S (F represents his age)
Squeal - S = 4/3 F
Heho - H= 1/5 S =4/3*1/5 F=4/15 F
Myplace - M = 2H =2*4/15 F=8/15 F

F+4/3F+4/15F+8/15F=94 => F*(1+4/3+4/15+8/15)=94 => F*47/15=94 =>F=30
=> F=30, S=40, H=8, M=16

answer Jan 10 by Hanifa Mammadov

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