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It's time for a mind boggling puzzle.Analyze the statements below and find out who did it.

+1 vote

It's time for a mind boggling puzzle.Analyze the statements below and find out who did it.

Please note that three of the statements below are false.

  1. Mr. Reese: 'Mr. Bilbo did it.'
  2. Mr. Bilbo: 'Mr. Reese did it.'
  3. Mr. Gerry: 'Mr. Bilbo’s telling the truth.'
  4. Mr. Yang: 'Mr. Gerry’s not lying.'
posted Aug 27, 2018 by Upma

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1 Answer

0 votes

Mr. Bilbo did it

See statement analysis vs suspects in below table

enter image description here

answer Aug 27, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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What you read below is true and follows a pattern:

7 + 7 = 2
8 + 8 = 4
8 + 5 = 1
6 + 9 = 3
10 + 11 = 9

Can you analyze the pattern and find out the answer for:
4 + 9 = ?

+1 vote

Alex bought 150 chocolates but he misplaced some of them. His mother asked him how many chocolates were misplaced and he gave the following answer to her:
If you count in pairs, one remain
If you count in threes, two remain
If you count in fours, three remain
If you count in fives, four remain
If you count in sixes, five remain
If you count in sevens, no chocolate remain.

Can you analyze the statements and tell us how many chocolates were lost?

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A shipment of butterflies was mixed up by the dock workers, and they could not find who bought which species, where it was from, and what was the price. All the workers know is that Alejandro, Faye, Yvette, Sophie, and Zachary could have each bought butterflies that cost $60, $75, $90, $105, or $120. Each could have bought the Clearwing, the Emperor, the Grayling, the Swallowtail, or the Torturix butterflies. Each butterfly could have lived in Australia, Jordan, Luxembourg, Panama, or Qatar. It is up to you to find out who bought which butterfly, what was the price, and where did it come from with the provided clues:

  1. Neither the butterfly from Luxembourg nor the one from Australia sold for $90.

  2. The Emperor butterfly cost $30 more than the Torturix butterfly.

  3. Zachary's purchase was $75.

  4. The butterfly from Australia cost less than the one from Luxembourg.

  5. Alejandro's purchase was from Luxembourg.

  6. Of Yvette's purchase and the purchase for $60, one was from Qatar and the other was the Torturix.

  7. The butterfly that sold for $120 was not from Panama.

  8. The insect from Australia was not the Torturix.

  9. Faye bought the Torturix.

  10. Sophie did not buy the Grayling.

  11. Of the Emperor and the insect worth $105, one was won by Yvette and the other was from Luxembourg.

  12. The insect that sold for $105 was the Swallowtail.

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Analyze the number square carefully and find out what number fits in place of question.

 35 20 14
 27 12 18
  5 2 ?
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