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Riddle - If a chicken says, " All chickens are liars " is the chicken telling the truth ?

+1 vote
Riddle - If a chicken says, " All chickens are liars " is the chicken telling the truth ?
posted Aug 26, 2014 by Aastha Joshi

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2 Answers

0 votes

Because if chicken tells the truth then its statement is contradictary.

answer Aug 26, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes

chickens can't talk

answer Jun 25, 2018 by Varun Kumar

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I have chosen a positive integer between 5 and 15 inclusive.

I gave Neel the number of positive divisors of this number and Nitin the sum of positive divisors of this number.

Then the following conversation takes place:

Neel: "I don't know the original number."
Nitin: "I don't know the original number either."
Neel: "Now I know the original number."
Nitin: "Me too!"

Assuming that they both are perfectly logical and are always telling the truth, what was the original number?

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Mrs. Stotch is a fifth grade teacher. One of her students took her apple. Mrs. Stotch has narrowed the suspects down to Billy, Paige, and Tyler. Each of these students give these statements:

Billy: I didn't do it.
Paige: I didn't do it.
Tyler: Paige did it!

Mrs. Stotch knows that only one of the kids is telling the truth. Which one is telling the truth and who took the apple?

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Abby, Bobby, Clyde, David, and Evangeline are causing trouble by confusing people with weird statements, and you have to break all their shenanigans. You make an ultimatum: if you solve a riddle of their creation, they have to stop causing trouble. The five agree to your conditions and start making statements:

Abby: I am telling the truth
Bobby: Clyde or Abby is lying but not both.
Clyde: I am telling the truth.
David: Bobby is telling the truth.
Evangeline: Clyde is telling the truth.

Given that there is only one answer, all people in the answer choices have made a statement, and statements must be true or false but not both, which person is telling the truth?