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How many prescriptions did the surgery issue?

0 votes

Five sevenths minus 250 of the prescriptions issued by a doctors surgery last week were repeat prescriptions, while a half plus thirty-four arose from face to face appointments.
How many prescriptions did the surgery issue?

posted Apr 19, 2018 by Rajni

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1 Answer

0 votes



answer Jul 2, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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Sohan and Abhay did regular exercise in a gym at 4 pm on given days.
Abhay exercised every third day while Sohan only exercised on Thursdays.
They both started together on Thursday, 1st January, 2015.
How many times in 2015 did they exercise in the gym together?

+1 vote

As per the will of a late farmer, his property would have to be divided in the following way.
The eldest got half of the land and an added 2 acres. Second son received half of the remaining land plus 2 acres. Third son got half of the remaining +2 acres. But as the fourth son took half of the remaining plus 2 acres of land, there was nothing left for the fifth son.

How many acres of land did the farmer originally have?

0 votes

Alex bought a bag of apples on Saturday,
and he ate a third of them.
On Sunday he ate half of the remaining apples.
He ate one more on Monday and one more on Tuesday,
and then ate half of the remaining apples on Wednesday.
On Thursday he looked in the bag and saw that there was just one apple left.
How many apples did the bag have to begin with?

0 votes

A farmer’s wife made some chapatis…the farmer had 3 sons…. The fist son came, gave one chapati to the dog,and made three equal parts of remaining chapatis, ate one part of it and left the other two parts for his brothers….other two sons came one after the other and did the same thinking that they came first…then at night all three came to the house, one of them gave one chapati to dog and made three equal parts and the three brothers ate one-one part of it… If no chapati was broken in pieces then how many minimum number of chapatis did the mom made?

+1 vote

Halloween was almost over, and Mr. Kandala had less than 20 candies left. When the doorbell rang, he thought he would give all the candies away. When he opened the door, there were two trick or treaters. He wanted to give away the candies evenly, but he noticed that when he divided the candies in two, there was one left over. At that point, he saw another trick or treater behind the first two. He tried to divide the candies evenly among the three of them, but again one was left over. Finally, another trick or treater came to his door, making it four trick or treaters altogether. Mr. Kandala still had one candy left over after dividing the left over candies in fours.

How many candies did Mr. Kandala have left when the doorbell rang?

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