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What is Sister-7 doing ?

+2 votes

There are seven sister in a house in a village where there is no electricity or any gadget.

Sister-1: Reading Novel
Sister-2: Cooking
Sister-3: Playing Chess
Sister-4: Playing Sudoku
Sister-5: Washing clothes
Sister-6: Garderning

What is Sister-7 doing ?

posted Aug 18, 2014 by Ankur Athari

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3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Logically Sister-7 is playing chess with Sister-3

answer Aug 18, 2014 by Double S
0 votes

Playing chess

answer Aug 22, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes

Sister-7 is playing chess with sister-3, because chess cant be played individually.

answer Sep 7, 2014 by Binu Mon