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There are 6 sisters. Each sister has 1 brother. How many brothers are in the sisters family?

+1 vote
There are 6 sisters. Each sister has 1 brother. How many brothers are in the sisters family?
posted Jun 18, 2015 by Maninder Bath

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7 Answers

+2 votes

there is one brother in sister family

answer Jun 18, 2015 by Pallavi Banerjee
+2 votes


As all are sisters and single person is brother of all sister

answer Jul 24, 2015 by Pankaj Bora
+2 votes

There are 2 answers to this question based on the punctuation, as in sisters pleural or sisters singular with an apostrophe, such as sister's family, meaning possessive.


  1. With sister's possessive, as in 1 brother/sister/family unit, thus the answer is 1.

  2. With sisters pleural then collectively there are a total of 6 brothers/sisters/family unit, thus the answer is 6.

Therefore the true answer, since the sister's possessive is missing, then the answer is 6.

answer Dec 31, 2016 by George Davros
That wouldn't be the proper way to use sister's in the sentence. The answer is one brother.
+1 vote


answer Sep 30, 2015 by Varghese Anthony
+1 vote



answer Apr 12, 2016 by Erica Lorenzo
+1 vote

Unless someone posts step by God damn step equations then I am going to do the mathematical way of solving this and say 6 brothers.

answer Apr 14, 2016 by anonymous
0 votes


answer Jan 4, 2017 by Nithi Mani

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