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Can you accept this challenge?

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enter image description here

Here is a Swiss Cross. You have to make two straight cuts in the figure so that it is divided into four congruent pieces. Also you should be able to join these pieces into a square then.

Can you accept this challenge?

posted Aug 13, 2014 by Aastha Joshi

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Can you find what is this table about and fill in the missing bits

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As shown in the picture below, we can see a boy hanging on the tree branch to save his life. There are various ways in which he can die like
1. A snake hanging toward right waiting to bite the boy.
2. A roaring Lion near the tree.
3. Two crocodiles ready to attack if boy reaches near water.

The tree is chopped to some extent, so can fall as if he moves a lot.
Can you give this boy an escape plan?
enter image description here

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