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Pranoy gave Niloy the following challenge: "If you sit down in that chair, I bet I can make you get out.................

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Pranoy gave Niloy the following challenge: "If you sit down in that chair, I bet I can make you get out of it before I run around the chair three times," he said.
"Aw, that's not fair," Niloy said.
"You'll just pick me with a pin or something."
"Nope," Pranoy said.
"I won't touch you, either directly or with any object. If you get out of the chair, it'll be your own choice."
Niloy thought, accepted the challenge, and lo and behold, Pranoy won the bet.
How did he do it?

posted 6 days ago by Pardeep Kohli

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If you want to become a master at playing the fiddle and you walk down to the fork in the road, you sit and some creature is going up your back, you follow the pattern of the creature on your back to be a master of playing the fiddle, what creature is going up your back?

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Let's get ready for challenge.
I think you know where I am.
Because, as you know, I hold lots of knowledge.
Really, I can lend a helping hand.
Although since people most often come for
Riveting good stories and tales,
You, my friend, can find knowledge in me.
Whether it be history, science, or Braille.
I cannot be held in your hand, you see.
I'm quite a bit larger than that.
So come right in, and let's begin.
Put on your thinking cap!

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Sunil and Tapesh are two mad logicians and loves betting.
They placed 11 Candies at the table and designed a small betting game, in which both of them need to eat Candies turn by turn with the following rules:
Rule1: One need to eat at least one candy.
Rule2: One cannot eat more than 5 candies.

The one that eats last candy will loose.

Sunil won the toss and need to start.

How many candies must Sunil eat in order to make sure that he won the bet?

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People are waiting in line to board a 100-seat airplane.
Soham is the first person in the line.
He gets on the plane but suddenly can’t remember what his seat number is, so he picks a seat at random.
After that, each person who gets on the plane sits in their assigned seat if it’s available, otherwise they will choose an open seat at random to sit in.

The flight is full and you are last in line. What is the probability that you get to sit in your assigned seat?