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Can you tell which movie did Mohan see?

0 votes

Last Saturday Mohan went for the late night show and came late. In the morning family members asked him which movie did he see. He gave different answers to everyone.
He told to his father that he had gone to see MONEY.
According to his mom, he saw either JOHNY or BABLU.
His elder brother came to know that he saw BHABI.
To his sister, he told ROBOT.
And his grandpa heard that he saw BUNNY.
Thus, Milan gave six movie names, all five letter words. But he saw some other movie with five letter word. Moreover, each of the six movie names mentioned above has exactly two letters common with the movie he saw. (with the same positions)

Can you tell which movie did Milan see?

posted Aug 6, 2014 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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1 Answer

0 votes


it satisfy all conditions

answer Aug 6, 2014 by Abiramikumarasamy

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I'm usually out of sight
Unless you see me at night

From my markings one can tell
I've the power to repel

Your lawn I may traumatize
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A boy was found dead by his friend Jason. The police arrived after the Jason called the police. Jason was asked how he found the boy, so Jason responded: "I was out taking a jog when I came to his house. I decided to stop by and say hi. I looked through a window and as frost being on the glass, I wiped away the frost to see inside. As I looked I say him lying here on the ground with a pool of blood around him and I there upon decided to go into the house. The front door-". But after hearing this the police decided they had heard enough and arrested Jason. How did they know he was lying?

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Aastha, Bhavna, Charu and Diya visited Eeshan on 14th February.

The time of each visit was as follows:
Aastha at 8:00
Bhavna at 9:00
Charu at 10:00
Diya at 11:00
Each time mentioned above may be either AM or PM.
Charu did not visit Eeshan between Bhavna and Diya.
At least one female visited Eeshan between Aastha and Bhavna.
Aastha did not visit Eeshan before both Charu and Diya.
Can you tell at what time did they individually visit Eeshan?

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