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In a mix of 60 Ltr. ratio of milk and water is 2:1 to make it 1:2 how much water to be added?

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In a mix of 60 Ltr. ratio of milk and water is 2:1 to make it 1:2 how much water to be added?
posted Aug 5, 2014 by Kuldeep Apte

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4 Answers

0 votes

Need to add 60Ltr of Water

The total mix is 60Ltr, which has 2:1 ratio of Milk and water.
It contains 40Ltr. Milk and 20Ltr. Water.

Now to make the ratio of 1:2, we need to add water which doubles the current contain of 40Ltr milk
So we need 80 Ltr. of water which shows 1:2. we have 20Ltrs already, so need to add 60Ltr. of water more.

answer Aug 5, 2014 by Kunal Shah
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Answer :60
60:40+20 i.e. 2:1
to make it 1:2 we need to add 60l of water.
120:40+80 i.e. 2:1

answer Sep 25, 2014 by Rajesh Maulekhi
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Quantity of milk = (60)*2/3 litres = 40 litres.
Quantity of water in it = (60- 40) litres = 20 litres.
New ratio = 1 : 2
Let quantity of water to be added further be x litres.
Then, milk : water = 40/20+x
Now, 40/20+x=1/2
20 + x = 80
x = 60.
Quantity of water to be added = 60 litre

answer Jan 31, 2016 by Mahendra Kumar Patel
0 votes

60 litres of 2:1 milk-to-water is 40 liters of milk to 20 liters of water. If you add 60 liters of pure water, then you have 40 liters of milk to 80 liters of water, or a 1:2 milk-to-water ratio....

answer Jan 15, 2018 by anonymous

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