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I am lying and I always lies. Tell me whether I am lying or telling the truth?

+2 votes

Statement: I am lying and I always lies.

Tell me whether I am lying or telling the truth?

posted Aug 30, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana

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1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer

There can not be a definite answer to this as its a paradox, which always contradicts itself.

answer Aug 30, 2017 by Salil Agrawal

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I have chosen a positive integer between 5 and 15 inclusive.

I gave Neel the number of positive divisors of this number and Nitin the sum of positive divisors of this number.

Then the following conversation takes place:

Neel: "I don't know the original number."
Nitin: "I don't know the original number either."
Neel: "Now I know the original number."
Nitin: "Me too!"

Assuming that they both are perfectly logical and are always telling the truth, what was the original number?

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Suppose you are visiting an island with knights who always tell the truth, knaves who always lie, and jokers who can do either.

You meet three islanders named Ellis, Farin and Gobi. They make the following statements:

Ellis says, "Farin is a joker."
Farin says, "Gobi is a joker."
Gobi says, "Ellis is a joker."

If you know exactly one of them is a joker, how many of them are knights?

+1 vote

Abby, Bobby, Clyde, David, and Evangeline are causing trouble by confusing people with weird statements, and you have to break all their shenanigans. You make an ultimatum: if you solve a riddle of their creation, they have to stop causing trouble. The five agree to your conditions and start making statements:

Abby: I am telling the truth
Bobby: Clyde or Abby is lying but not both.
Clyde: I am telling the truth.
David: Bobby is telling the truth.
Evangeline: Clyde is telling the truth.

Given that there is only one answer, all people in the answer choices have made a statement, and statements must be true or false but not both, which person is telling the truth?

+3 votes

My head and tail both equal are,
My middle slender as a bee.
Whether I stand on head or heel
Is quite the same to you or me.
But if my head should be cut off,
The matter's true, though passing strange
Directly I to nothing change.
What am I?

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