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Who was the Criminal?

0 votes

A man was killed on Sunday morning. His wife found the body and called the police. The police arrived and questioned the chef, maid, butler, and gardener. Their alibis were:
Chef - making breakfast
Maid - getting mail
Butler - setting table
Gardener - watering plants
The police immediately arrested the criminal. Who was it and how did they know?`

posted Mar 20, 2017 by Naveen Kumar

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2 Answers

+1 vote

Maid as mail won't have been delivered on sunday.

answer Mar 20, 2017 by Deepak Mishra
0 votes

Maid is the killer.
Since Post office will not deliver mail on Sunday.

answer Mar 21, 2017 by Vigneshvari

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Shaktiman saw a criminal at a distnce of 35m. When Shaktiman started chasing him, the criminal also started running.
If the ratio of speeds Shaktiman to criminal is 12 : 11.
Then how much distance did Shaktiman run to catch the criminal?

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A criminal is brought into a prison for major crimes. The warden informs him that he will be shot in the middle of the prison by 20 of his men. The prisoner is fine with that but he asks for some conditions "All of your men must stand 20 feet away from me and I must be able to select where each of them stands. If I survive, I get to leave."

The warden thinks about it and knows that all of his men will still have an open shot at the criminal, so he agrees.

The next day immediately after the firing squad is positioned the criminal walks out untouched. How did he do it?

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While trying to pull out a robbery, a criminal came across a password lock. He has the following information with him that can assist him in cracking the password.

Can you help him out?

  1. The password is a 5-digit number.
  2. The 4th digit is 4 more than the 2nd one.
  3. The 3rd digit is 3 less than the 2nd one.
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  5. Three pairs of digits sum up to 11.
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Shaktiman saw a criminal at a distance of 150 m.
When Shaktiman started chasing him the criminal also started running, the ratio of speeds of Shaktiman to criminal is 6 : 5.
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