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Can you determine how wide the lake is?

0 votes

There is a lake with shores A and B. Two motorboats M and N are standing on the opposite sides (A and B respectively). M leaves A and N leaves B and start moving with constant speeds. They meet for the first time 500 yards away from A. After touching the shores, they return back to the previous shore point without taking any break. This time they meet at 300 yards away from B.

Can you determine how wide the lake is ?

posted Jun 26, 2014 by Rahul Chandel

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Similar Puzzles
0 votes

A swan is in the center of a circular lake but he cannot take flight from the water, only on land. On the parameter of the lake there is a hunting dog that desperately wants to eat the swan but cannot swim. So the swan must make it to the land before taking off and must do so before the dog makes it to him. The dog is almost 4 times faster than the swan and always runs to the point around the lake closest to the swan.

How can the swan get out of the lake and take flight before the dog gets him?

+1 vote

Michael Phelps , the famous swimmer can swim downstream in a lake in exact 40 minutes (with the lake current helping time).
He can swim upstream in a lake in exact 60 minutes (against the lake current).
The length of lake is 2 kilometers.

How long Michael Phelps can cover distance of one side at a still lake (no current).

0 votes

A black boat is on shore A and a purple boat is on the opposite shore B of a lake. Each boat starts at the same time for the opposite shore.

The boats meet and pass each other 500 units from shore A. Each boat gets to the opposite shore and immediately starts a return journey. The two boats then meet and pass 300 units from shore B.

How long is the lake, and what is the ratio of speeds between the purple and black boats?

enter image description here

+2 votes

A maths professor asked one of his students to visit his house regarding some work.
The student asked the professor his house number.
The professor replied in a strange way :

  1. If my house number is a multiple of 3, then it is a number from 50 to 59.
  2. If my house number is not a multiple of 4, then it is a number from 60 to 69.
  3. If my house number is not a multiple of 6, then it is a numbre from 70 to 79.

Can you determine the professor's house number ?

0 votes

Using the list of numbers and their accompanying codes, can you decipher the last code and determine the number on the last line?

            Number             Code
             589                521
             724                386
             1346               9764
               ?                485
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