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Two women were selling marbles int the market place -- 1 at 3 for a paise and other at 2 for a paise. One day both.....

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Two women were selling marbles int the market place -- 1 at 3 for a paise and other at 2 for a paise. One day both of them were obliged to return home when each had 30 marbles unsold. They put together the 2 lots of marbles and handling them over to a friend asked her to sell them at 5 for 2 paise. Now they were expecting to get 25 paise for the marbles as they would have got if sold separately but much to their surprise they go only 24 paise in total. Where did the 1 paise go ? Can anyone explain the mystery?

posted Mar 29, 2016 by Vinni Fernandis

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1 Answer

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(30+30)*2/5=24 paise- as per new price of 5 for 2 paise
30*1/3=10- as per old price of 3 for 1 paise
30*1/2=15- as per old price of 2 per 1 paise
Combined, by the old price they get 25 paise in total but new price is different doesn't give same outcome

answer Jul 28, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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