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I can flutter and take your breath away. I can take a beating but do not bruise...

0 votes

I can flutter and take your breath away.
I can take a beating but do not bruise.
If I stopped you would be sure to lose.
Everyday I am with you.
What am I?

posted Dec 31, 2015 by Maninder Bath

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1 Answer

0 votes

The heart can flutter and take your breathe away and will end you if it stops. It is always with beating without a bruise

answer Dec 31, 2015 by Arthur Mcintyre

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I am an unexpected visitor,

Whom nobody wants to see me,

But when I see someone,

I take their breath away &

People around them cry.

What am I?

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Take your time do not fear.
Sadly I am never clear.
My answer stares you in the face.
Read me over and over just in case.
My answer will cause you pain.
But a smile you will gain.
Today I am like a July evening dream.
To find my answer you may need a team.
What am I ?

+1 vote

I can generate fear and some say I come out of your ears. I am as quite as a mouse but not welcomed in the house. What am I?

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