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What is the shortest distance that the spider must crawl in order to reach the fly?

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Spider and Fly

Inside a room as shown in the figure, measuring 30 feet in length and 12 feet in width and height, a spider is at a point on the middle of one of the end walls, 1 foot from the ceiling, as at A; and a fly is on the opposite wall, 1 foot from the floor in the centre, as shown in the figure at B. What is the shortest distance that the spider must crawl in order to reach the fly, which remains stationary? You can assume that that spider never drops or uses its web, but crawls fairly.

posted Jun 9, 2014 by Salil Agrawal

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A spider and a fly are diametrically opposite vertices of a web in the shape of a regular hexagon. The fly is stuck and cannot move. On the other hand, the spider can walk freely along the edges of the hexagon. Each time the spider reaches a vertex, it randomly chooses between two adjacent edges with equal probability and proceeds to walk along that edge. On average, how many edge lengths will the spider walk before getting to fly?

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A battery dealer incurs an expense of Rs. 150 for producing every battery.
He also incurs an additional expenditure of Rs. 30000, which is independent of the number of batteries produced.
If he is able to sell a battery during the season, he sell it for Rs.250.
If he fails to do so, he has to sell each battery for Rs. 100.
If he produces 1500 batteries, what is the number of batteries that he must sell during the season in order to break-even, given that he is able to sell all the batteries produced?

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Mukesh, Suresh and Dinesh travel from Delhi to Mathura to attend Janmasthmi Utsav. They have a
bike which can carry only two riders at a time as per traffic rules. Bike can be driven only by
Mukesh. Mathura is 300km from Delhi. All of them can walk at 15Km/hr. All of them start their
journey from Delhi simultaneously and are required to reach Mathura at the same time. If the speed
of bike 60Km/hr then what is the shortest possible time in which all three can reach Mathura at the
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