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what is the shortest possible time in which all three can reach Mathura at the same time.

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Mukesh, Suresh and Dinesh travel from Delhi to Mathura to attend Janmasthmi Utsav. They have a
bike which can carry only two riders at a time as per traffic rules. Bike can be driven only by
Mukesh. Mathura is 300km from Delhi. All of them can walk at 15Km/hr. All of them start their
journey from Delhi simultaneously and are required to reach Mathura at the same time. If the speed
of bike 60Km/hr then what is the shortest possible time in which all three can reach Mathura at the
same time.

posted May 27, 2015 by Ankit Kamboj

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1 Answer

0 votes

RESULT: 65/7 hr


Mukesh starts from Delhi (say A).
He has to take of the other two (say Dinesh) on his bike, take him up to a certain point(say C) drop him there and return for Suresh.

Meanwhile Suresh starts walking.
Suresh and Mukesh meet at (say B) Mukesh picks up Suresh at B and turn towards Mathura.
All of them arrive together at Mathura (say D).

A------------ B ------------- C ------------- D

As, M drives at 60km/h and S (as well as D) walk at 15 km/h.

answer May 28, 2015 by Mohammed Hussain
Dear Mohammed ,  Your answer is right , you expalined the question and approach  but  can you please explain the  method more clearly  for getting the answer ...

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