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What is the order of the seven people queueing?

–1 vote

The shops are already starting to get busier in the lead up to Christmas.

When Mr McHale joins the queue he already has six people in front of him.

There are two people between Mr McHale and Mrs Douglas.

Mrs Edwards is ahead of Mrs James.

Mrs O’Dowd is behind Mrs Douglas but in front of Mr Baker.

Mr Choudhury is behind Mrs James.

What is the order of the seven people queueing?

posted Nov 23, 2015 by Balwinder

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1 Answer

0 votes

Order of seven people:
1.Mrs Edwards
2.Mrs James
3.Mr Choudhury
4.Mrs Douglas
5.Mrs O'Dowd
6.Mr Baker
7.Mr MCHale

answer Nov 23, 2015 by Jaikumar Bhatia

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A queue has formed outside the supermarket.
Mrs Palmer is standing immediately behind Mrs James and Mr Konu is immediately behind Mrs Chahal in the queue.
Mrs Smith is between Mr Singh and Mr Konu.
There are three people between Mrs James and Mrs Chahal.
Mr McFadden is at the back of the queue.
What is the order of the seven people?

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There are three boxes which are labeled as Rs 100, Rs 150, and Rs 200.
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All boxes are labeled incorrectly.

What is the minimum number of boxes you must check in order to label all boxes correctly?

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A train approaches a tunnel AB. Inside the tunnel is a cat located at a point that is 3/8 of the distance
AB measured from the entrance A. When the train whistles the cat runs. If the cat moves to the
entrance of the tunnel A, the train catches the cat exactly at the entrance. If the cat moves to the
exit B, the train catches the cat at exactly the exit. The speed of the train is greater than the speed
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Shown below is a seven sided convex polygon built from 2 squares and 3 triangles. 12 matchsticks were used to achieve this. The outside angles are all greater than 180 degrees as illustrated with angle "a" above.

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  2. 17 matchsticks to be used
  3. All outside angles to be greater than 180 degrees
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  5. There must be 2 equal sized squares
  6. All matchsticks must be flat on the surface.

enter image description here

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There are seven cars waiting at the traffic lights.

The green car is immediately behind the black car and the white car is immediately behind the silver car.

The blue car is the last in line.

The red car is the only car between the white car and the black car.

There are three cars between the white car and the grey car.

What is the order of the seven cars?