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What is the minimum number of boxes you must check in order to label all boxes correctly?

0 votes

There are three boxes which are labeled as Rs 100, Rs 150, and Rs 200.
One box contains two notes of Rs. 50. The second box contains one note of Rs 50 and one note of Rs 100. The third box contains two Rs. 100 notes.
All boxes are labeled incorrectly.

What is the minimum number of boxes you must check in order to label all boxes correctly?

posted Apr 8 by Ujjwal Mehra

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1 Answer

0 votes

You just need to check Rs.150 box

There are 2 possible ways:
1. If it contains Rs. 100 notes, then
Current box contains Rs. 200 notes / Rs 100 box contains Rs. 150 notes / Rs. 200 box contains Rs. 100 notes.
2. If it contains Rs. 50 notes, then
Current box contains Rs. 100 notes./ Rs. 100 box contains Rs. 200 notes/ Rs. 200 box contains Rs. 150 notes.

answer Apr 8 by Hanifa Mammadov

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There are three boxes. One is labeled "APPLES" another is labeled "ORANGES". The last one is labeled "APPLES AND ORANGES". You know that each is labeled incorrectly. You may ask me to pick one fruit from one box which you choose.

How can you label the boxes correctly?

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You have three boxes filled with candies. One jar is filled with banana candies, one jar is filled with lemon candies and one jar has apple candies.. All the jars are mislabelled (i.e. all the jars have wrong labels about what kind of candies they contain).

All the candies look very similar in shape, size and color and they even smell the same. The only way to distinguish them is by tasting.

You have to eat one and only one candy to determine the correct jar labels. You can eat that one candy from any jar you want as long as you eat only one in total.

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You work at a fruit factory.
There are 3 crates in front of you.
One crate contains only apples.
One crate contains only oranges.
The other crate contains both apples and oranges.
And each crate is labeled.
One reads "apples", one reads "oranges", and one reads "apples and oranges".
But the labeling machine has gone crazy and is now labeling all boxes incorrectly.
If you can only take out and look at just one of the pieces of fruit from just one of the crates,
How can you label all of the Crates correctly?

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Out of 100 women surveyed leaving Shoppers Stop, 83 had a white bag, 77 had black shoes, 62 carried an umbrella and 95 wore a ring.
What is the minimum number of women who must have had all four items?

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What is the minimum number of boxes needed to satisfy the following conditions?

  • Each box contains distinct positive integer(s) less than 1001.
  • All the boxes put together contain all the positive integers less than 1001.
  • No box contains a number that is a multiple of another number in the same box.
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