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What is the relation between polo ralph lauren, javu and new york museum of prehistoric history?

0 votes
posted Oct 25, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Friends – The Complete Series Collection

answer Jul 29, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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There are two planes. One is going from New York to London at a speed of 600 MPH. The other is traveling from London to New York at a speed of 500 MPH.

When the planes meet which one will be closer to London?

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If Boston is east of New York, cross out all the A's. If not, cross out the R's. If Paris is south of New York, cross out all the 0's. If not, cross out the I's. If Sri Lanka is in Asia, cross out the B's and U's. If not, cross out the C's. The remaining letters will tell you whether you've found the right answer.

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P is the father of Q and S is the son of R.
T is the brother of P and has a daughter U.
If R is the sister of P,
then what is the relation between U, Q and S?

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You were hanging out in the New York City when a man in suit approached you. He said that he was ready to bet a hundred bucks to the fact that there are at least two people (excluding the bald people) in the City with same number of hairs.

Seeking the impossibility of the case, you thought of accepting the bet.

After the discussion of two minutes, you realized that you had lost the bet.

What did he say to prove his point?

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This book was commended by the British Library Association and won the Smarties Book Prize for 1998 however. There were some problems with this, because people were buying it direct from UK, thus annoying Scholastic, who had purchased the rights to distribute it in the U.S. Unfortunately, it probably won't win the Newbery award, since that is awarded to the author who has made the most distinguished contribution to children's literature in America. Name this book, which although a 'children's' title; is currently number 8 on the New York Times BestSeller list.